Astrology Failed to Predict CoronaVirus

Astrology Failed to Predict CoronaVirus

People always wish to know what’s in store for them in the future. There’s always an uncertainty about what is going to happen in the future. Astrology is one such guide that can help us peep into the future and prepare us accordingly. Specially if things aren’t going right, one wishes to know when will things get better. To plan any event marriage, child, house buying people do visit an astrologer. But this time around astrology couldn’t predict coronavirus.

Some Astrologers still predicted that there will be some havoc as Jupiter and Saturn had come together in Capricorn. Both are slow moving planets. Saturn was comfortable as it was in its own sign and Jupiter was debilitated but made neech bhang yog which made it very powerful. There was a time in the beginning of 2020 when a very rare feature - 6 planets came together in one rashi. So astrology prediction could say some major event was to happen in the world such as a natural calamity or something like that but no one knew it will be a virus.

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Individual charts can show if the native will be sick or if sickness will lead to death. But if there were also other good things predicted like marriage or good job opportunities, they did not happen or got postponed due to lockdowns all over the world. Because of financial as well as health problems people did seek refuge in astrology. More or less individual charts are correct and can predict the intensity of problems a native will face financially as well as health wise. It also gives some hope to people and suggest remedies for a brighter future.

If you talk to an astrologer, they say that predicting covid 19 was tough because it is an unprecedented time and it is a part of mundane astrology. For instance when a plane crashes or a ship sinks a lot of number of people die together. But not necessarily death was seen in all the charts. That way when we are calculating events which affect the entire world it is seen by mundane astrology.

The second wave which really took a bad turn in India which started in March 2021 and is still going on can be seen if we make a chart for our country India. In this chart there’s a kal sarp yog with Rahu is Taurus and ketu in Scorpio. When during transit the degree of Rahu and ketu started getting too close the degree of Rahu and ketu in the natal chart it started creating havoc. 

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The numbers went high as well as new variants came into place and deaths were too much. Oxygen was the main reason of deaths and people of our country suffered to no limits. Now there are also predictions that this will get better in June 2021. Also before it leaves its house in March 2022 it will create havoc once more. We can only pray that most people are vaccinated by then and no such problems come.

The vaccinations were correctly predicted. When Rahu moved from Gemini to Taurus a lot of astrologers said that a solution will be found. Also when Jupiter moved from Capricorn to Aquarius that also had a link with some solution being found. And the vaccine did get approved.

Even though no astrologer could correctly predict the virus, we can hope that it ends by March 2022 when Rahu and ketu move to the next sign and gives everyone a relief.

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