Is Love in the air? Know it the astrological way

Is Love in the air? Know it the astrological way

The foremost thought that strikes most of the young marriage aspirants is that whether he will have a love marriage or arranged marriage? This is also one of the frequently asked queries from the astrologers. However, the answer to this curiosity is hidden in the placements of the planets in one’s chart which perfectly signifies the way one will get his life partner.

Commonly Indian marriages take form either in arranged marriages or Love marriages. This is the general way of getting married since thousands of years. A curiosity always prevails when it’s a question of getting married. 

No worries folks! A Love Marriage Astrologer can easily answer whether a Love Marriage or an arranged marriage is there on the cards for you. 

Love Marriage indications

For Love Marriage, love and compatibility amongst the zodiac signs of the prospective couple is checked which can be accessed through a love and compatibility report as made by a competent astrologer. Various houses like the 7th house, 5th house, 8th house, and 11th house are studied. The signs involved are Scorpio, Gemini, and Pisces. The responsible planets are Mars, Venus, Moon, Rahu and Mercury. The position of these Planets and their associations should be reviewed while making predictions about Love Marriage in a Horoscope.

Now let's take these houses one by one:

7th house 

7th house stands for relationships. It is equally significant for all types of partnerships and relations with the outer world. This gives the clue about the marriage or mutual relationships. So, in order to find love marriage in Astrology, the link of 7th house must be there in the chart. Any afflictions to this house deny happy and peaceful married life in a broader sense.

5th house 

5th house shows romance and love affairs in one sense and attraction to the opposite sex in other. So it is the primary house for analyse possibility of love or romantic relationships in one’s life. The 5th house and its lord play an important role in ensuring or denying a love marriage. Planets placed or aspecting the 5th house too have their roles to play in finding love mates.

8th house

8th house signifies physical intimacy and sexual aspects of the prospective couple. This house symbolizes the hidden or secret things and love affairs most of the times are kept hidden from the eyes of the society. So, it plays a vital role in checking the prospects of love Marriage in a chart but at the same time shows extra marital affairs too. Hence must be analysed with utmost care.

11th house 

11th house depicts desires and their fulfilment. It is also a house of gains and friends. Benefic influence on the 11th house shows fulfilment of desire of love marriage if any.

Important planets for Love marriage

The Planet Venus signifies love and romance in one’s life. It is the karka for marriage for males. The position of Venus in the chart strongly indicates what type of marriage relations a person will have in his life.

Mars is a karka for physical relationships. Mars signifies passion or fire within a person. In Vedic astrology Mars signifies the condition of a husband in a female chart.

Rahu is the Planet of Unfulfilled desires; it shows anything that is against culture or social Norms. Rahu adds sensuality to a person’s character and it creates desires to experience life. After Venus, it is the next important planet to signify love marriage in a horoscope.

Mercury is a Prince in the cabinet of planets but is of confusing nature too. All it wants is fun in life and has a youthful approach. It also implies friends of the opposite sex in Vedic astrology. So Mercury should also be analyzed for predictions about love marriage.

Last but not the least is Moon. It signifies our mind and emotions which certainly plays an important role in shaping and establishing loving relations with anyone. For a love marriage, firstly a desire or inclinations towards love should be there, there are many workaholics who neither have interest nor time for love relations. It is naturally difficult for them to experience love and thus no possibility of love marriage can be countered.

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Astrological combinations for love marriage

A love marriage is certainly on cards when each of the concerned houses of Love is establishing a relationship with the house of marriage i.e. 7th house.

  1. The parivartan yoga of the 5th and 7th house lords in a water sign, affirms extremely high possibilities of love marriage.
  2. Conjunction of 5th and 7th Lords or Nakshatra parivartan of 5th and 7th lord or a sign exchange between the 5th and 7th lords, confirms a Love Marriage as per Astrology. If the 5th and 7th lord is conjunct in 11th house or with 11th lord, it further strengthens the chances of love marriage.
  3. 8th house known as the house of physical intimacy, in case 5th house is making any connections with it or 5th lord is placed in the 8th house. Then there are chances of a mutual decision to enter into a new relationship. But more often than not this signifies a close relationship but if 7th lord is not involved then it gets very difficult to convert it into marriage.
  4. A combination of Venus and Rahu is another strong sign of a love relation or inter caste marriage in astrology. Rahu is a multiplying planet that boosts everything manifolds. So when Venus the planet of love comes in contact of Rahu, it explodes love and romance within a person especially if Rahu is positioned in the 7th house of the horoscope. 
  5. If Arudha Lagna and Upapada Lagna are together in any chart, then it also indicate love marriage in astrology.
  6. The combination of Rahu-Moon and Moon-Mercury is another positive Yoga for Love and Romance. If Venus too is joining in then it is obvious that the native will have love marriage.
  7. The combination of Mercury-Venus too indicates love marriage. If you have one or more of these combinations present in your chart, you have a chance of Love marriage. Of course more the number of combinations more are the chances of love marriage.
  1. Jupiter is a spiritual planet which describes Truth, Ethics, Honesty, attraction towards Culture and Social norms, etc. So when Jupiter is retrograde or is weak in the chart it helps in Love Marriage. As Jupiter also signifies dharma, so if the 5th and 7th lord are conjoined and or connected with Jupiter, Love relations will turn into a marriage.

Importance of dasha and the Navamsha Chart

Sometimes though emotionally connected a couple may face difficulties in the form of rigidness of parents or social unacceptability. Then the Navamsa Chart can help you get rid out of it. Navamsa is a Divisional Chart relevant to our marriage prospects and should be used along with the main birth chart before coming to any conclusions.

If the Main birth chart gives positive signals regarding love marriage then the Navamsa chart should be reviewed to check possible troubles in the relationship. It is important to get the Navamsa Chart read by an Astrologer for better understanding. so, talk to an Astrologer to get a clearer picture of your love life.

Until and unless there is a favourable dasha no marriage can take place even if there is a good transit or good amount of combinations indicating a love marriage are present in the kundali. So, timing plays a crucial role in deciding as to when marriage will take place. 

However even if brought together by strong emotions of love but this is no more a sure bet to a happy married life. Love compatibility report and kundali matching have their roles to play. So, it is very important to consult an astrologer and know all possible pros and cons before tying up your lives in this beautiful yet uncertain bond of love!!

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