Top 10 things everyone should know about Astrology!

Top 10 things everyone should know about Astrology!

Have you ever wondered how the astrologers analyze the movement of the planets in the sky to find out the significant impact on your lives! Then this piece of writing is for you. Astrology is an ancient yet the most amazing science to know about our future events and their impact in our lives. Everything right from our birth to childhood to adulthood to old-age to the death all can be miraculously predicted through our birth chart. Our birth chart contains the exact position of the planets and nakshatras in the sky at the time of our birth. Astrology play wonders in finding out details about almost all aspects of our lives. Let’s find out the top 10 things that everyone should know about astrology-

Astrology interprets the language of the stars

Astrology translates the celestial indications into simple language that ordinary human beings can understand. What the placement of different planets indicates and what results they may bring to our life can be understood with the help of astrology. Understanding the planetary pattern as given in our birth chart gives valuable insights about our lives but that can be learnt through best online astrology courses in India. It is possible to know all personality traits, strengths, weaknesses and areas of success and failure through an astrological analysis. Astrology helps a person to understand life in a better way by knowing what’s in store for us. It certainly helps to make out the reasons of setback in life. We get to know the hindrances that might come our way towards the path of a prosperous life.

The 12 Zodiac signs

Astrology revolves around the 12 signs of the zodiac. Each zodiac has its specific ruler and traits. The native born under a particular zodiac tend to bear the natural specifications of that zodiac sign. For e.g. Aries are known to be the most adventurous people and people born under Aries tend to possess an adventurous side. It is logical to understand why a person behaves in a certain manner based on his/her zodiac sign. The personality traits of any individual can be predicted by analyzing the zodiac sign of that person. Zodiac sign is the rising sign at the horizon the moment you took birth on this Earth. Based on the planetary placements in these 12 signs in a birth chart, online astrology courses help us to draw important conclusions about a person’s life. It becomes easier to understand an individual as a distinctive personality and to cope up with his flaws. 

The 12 houses in the birth chart

In Astrology, the whole chart is divided into 12 houses and each house has certain specifications. Every house represents a certain stage and different aspects of life. For example, the fourth house depicts the mother, vehicles, property, chest, domestic happiness, education, land and domestic happiness. Based on the specifications of the planetary influence on these houses, an astrologer judges the abundance and scarcity of things or relations in a person’s life. If the seventh house in a horoscope is afflicted then there is no marital happiness in that native’s life. Similarly, affliction on the fourth house may create troubles in education and so on. So, knowing the houses of your chart help you understand which areas of life you are lucky and which are less fortunate?! 

The 9 planets

There are nine planets in Astrology including two shadow planets Rahu and Ketu. These are called shadow planets as they don’t have physical presence in the sky and are just the intersection points at the orbit of the Earth and the Moon. These 9 planets carry the fruits of our past karmas i.e. whatever good or bad deeds we have done in our past lives, the results of the same are carried in this life by these planets. If we have collected good results then these planets will bestow prosperity through their strength and good placement in the birth chart else they will create troubles in life through their malefic placement and associations. Out of these, Jupiter is considered the saubhagyakaraka bringing fortunes to the person and Saturn being karmkaraka brings punishments of our bad deeds in form of curses.  

Astrology propagates religion

Astrology is an ancient method of making predictions and is largely based on religion. The 9 planets in astrology are considered the 9 avatars of Lord Vishnu and 27 nakshatras represent 27 queens of the Moon as recorded in ancient Hindu texts. In Astrology everything finds roots in religion and most of the remedies in Astrology involve performing religious practices like worship, donations and japa or chant of Vedic mantras. Astrology just like religion also believes in righteous way of leading life and believes that we get things in life as per our past karmas. Both include karma rectification in order to lead a happy and prosperous life. The best online Vedic Astrology courses give astrology knowledge in tune with religious teachings. 

Astrology works in combination with psychology

Astrology strikes to understand the planetary placements to decode different occurrences in life. Based on these likely events, an astrologer suggests and guides our future course of action. The astrologer tells us the solutions to overcome troubles in life based on future indications given by our birth chart. An astrologer acts as a psychologist, who tries to show us the right path based on our inherent personality traits and inner strength. Just like a psychologist, an astrologer guides us as per our potentials but according to the promises of our kundli as well.

Astrology complements other occult branches

Astrology is a complete science in itself but still it can be successfully connected to other occult branches like Numerology, Vastu and Tarot reading.  Astrology even becomes more effective when is practiced in combination of any of these branches. For example, Vastu involves balancing the five elements in any given premises and if we know the drawbacks or strength of the owner’s kundli we may always suggest Vastu placements to complement his/her kundli as well. In that case, the native will get double benefits and will prosper at a multiplied speed. It has been widely agreed that Vedic Astrology is a mother of all esoteric sciences.

Astrology includes Astronomy 

Astronomy involves deep study of the sky analyzing celestial movements to help the mankind. Astronomy principles are utilized in Astrology to understand the placements, movements and behavioral pattern of the stars and planets. Without astronomy, we can’t imagine the existence of astrology as for making predictions one must know the exact location of the planets in constellations based on astronomical calculations. Astrology also involves intricate calculations which are done based on astronomical principles. Thus, they both go hand in hand and to become an effective astrologer, it is important to know the Astronomy of the sky. 

Astrological Remedies

Vedic Astrology tries to understand the root cause of problems in one’s life and then provides solutions to pacify the problematic planets through astrological remedies and karma rectification methods. It is possible to lessen the effect of miseries to bare minimum by performing astrological remedies. If a person is facing problems in marriage, child birth, career or education, then that native can successfully overcome the problems by following effective remedies suggested by a learned astrologer. Astrology has helped millions of people with its age old yet most impressive Vedic Astrology remedies. One can even learn Vedic astrology and take a promise of a bright career ahead.

To conclude

Astrology serves as guiding light in everyone’s life and is purely science and religion based. It has proved its efficacy since thousands of years and has held equivalent importance in modern times. In times when everything seems artificial or fake, enrich your life with true ancient wisdom of Astrology!

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