Vastu Tips to Maintain Positive Energy At Your Home

Vastu Tips to Maintain Positive Energy At Your Home

The construction and the décor in the house affirm positive flow of energy in a house and is greatly influenced by it. We mention in this article simple tips which home owners can apply to boost the positive energy in their abodes.

Every one longs to live in a comfortable, peaceful and rejuvenating house. It is vital to know that people living in a house are greatly affected by the energy prevailing in that house. 

One’s surrounding is a foundation for a healthier and productive mind and body and Vastu Shastra offers ways to confirm this in their lives. A house constructed in association with the Vastu Shastra principles ensures the residents of the house to remain in healthy physical and mental state. Here’s how to attract positive vibes to a home:

Vastu tips for the main entrance

Vastu tips enhance a living space by affecting the flow of energy and in it. The main entrance of the house is the entry point for any type of energy. It is believed that if the main door opens outward, it pushes away energy out of the home. 

So, the main door should open inside or clockwise. It should open wide as the door which does not open fully shows limited opportunities to the residents of the house. 

There should be ample lightning in the lobby near the main door with no darkness to be traced out. Well lit space stimulates positive flow of energy and creates balance and thus harmony within the premise. It is recommended to have a threshold (dehleez) in each house, at door frame. It protects the house from any negativity entering the house.

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Keep your house clutter free

For attracting positive energy into a house, it is of utmost importance to keep it clutter free. A neat and clean house with no clutter around promotes the flow of positive energy keeping stagnant energy away from the house. 

One should not keep broken, useless and old things which no longer come in use. Clean the cupboards and drawers regularly and get rid of the things not used in past years. Keep it clean and make sure that there are no cobwebs in the house. 

Adding sea-salt to the water to mop the floor also helps in keeping away the negativity. It is believed that using salt water reduces negative vibrations effectively.

Construction in compliance with Vastu principles 

The health of the occupants and the energy of the house are strongly co-related. Our ancestors were so Vastu complacent that the type of architecture they adopted in ancient times was always in sync with the harmony of colours and magnetic field of the earth. 

Their main focus was on the distribution of the space and portions in such a manner that all five elements i.e. panchbhootas were balanced automatically. All factors regarding the muhurta in which the construction was started. 

The date, material used, division of space and everything matter to construct a house engulfed with positive vibes. Every construction has three types of energies – earth, cosmic and structural. To strike harmony in these three is a major task of a Vastu expert. 

The most important space in the house is the centre of the house called the Brahmastha, it should be free from any kind of structural violation. This only ensures the flow of cosmic energy in a house to be balanced. The North East corner should be liven up to balance the Earth energy. To harmonize the structural energy, we should de clutter the house quite often.

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Rectification of Vastu Doshas

A simple arrangement and alignment of the furniture and other decor of the house can be optimized for better health and well-being of the occupants. 

The bathroom should not be located just opposite to the kitchen, if it is so keep then the door should remain closed most of the times. One can also use a Vastu energy partition on the door frame to achieve separation between these opposing energies. 

This will further block the negative energy too. Mirrors reflects back the energy hence it is advised to not to place any mirror opposite to the bed or in line with it. This bouncing back of energy hampers good sleep and thus creates health problems. Every house should have a tulsi plant as it clears all kinds of negative energy from the house.

There are certain simple vastu tips that anyone can apply at their homes to gain positive energy. Learn Vastu to do it yourself under your own careful observations. Future Point has several courses in Vastu to help gain better insight of the subject. Opt for their Vastu Course and learn this ancient science from the comfort of your home through online learning.

 Décor ideas for positive flow of energy

  • Windows of the house should kept open in the morning as fresh air and sunlight bring positive energy to the home.
  • There should be a water source in the North East corner of teh house so, an aquarium kept in this corner is considered auspicious.
  • There should not be any tree, pole or pillar just in front the main door. It is considered an obstacle or dwar vedh to the prosperity of the house. Similarly, dry or dead plants should not be kept at the main door of the house.
  • The doors of the bathroom should be kept closed. Try to keep the toilet lid down, when not in use. Keep a strict eye on leaking taps at home as they signify drainage of cash or resources. Use air fresheners in the washrooms.
  • Medicines should not be kept in the kitchen.
  • The electronics and Wi-Fi systems should be switched off during night time sleep.
  • One should chant mantras in the morning or alternatively can play some soothing divine music or chant of mantras at the sound system every morning.
  • The furniture should be bought keeping in mind that it doesn’t have sharp edges. Avoid excessive use of black, red or grey in the decor.
  • Avoid split levels in the floor.
  • Paintings at home should not have destructive theme like depiction of war, loneliness, poverty, etc. The pictures of nature can be used to enhance positivity at home.
  • For a calming effect at home, one may light a diya or camphor. Electric lamps with soothing fragrances can also be used effectively.
  • Avoid keeping dust bins at the entrance of the house.
  • Discard broken cutlery.
  • Those items that haven’t been used for a long time should be disposed off immediately.
  • There should be a separate space for puja room and it shouldn’t be made in the bedroom or under the stairs.
  • Wind chimes or bells near the main entrance attract positivity. According to Vastu Shastra, the soothing sound ensures prosperity and wealth at home.
  • An indoor garden is also a good option, where you can sit and every morning to start your day with positive energy. 
  • Avoid black paint on the main door instead dark brown shades can be opted for effectively. The main door must open clockwise.
  • All electronics and gadgets should be kept in the south-east corner of the living room.
  • Paintings of a waterfall, goldfish or a flowing river bring prosperity and good luck to the residents. If looking for career opportunities overseas, one should place a painting of foreign currency, flying birds, racing bikes and cars.
  • As per Vastu principles, clocks energise a direction. Therefore, all clocks in the house should be in working conditions. All non-functional clocks should be removed at once as they tend to signify delays or stagnant finance. Clocks should be kept in the north or north-east direction
  • Feeding birds is also believed to bring wealth and positive energy in the house. A bird feeder can be kept in your yard, terrace or balcony filled with water and grains. Make sure to keep these vessels clean.

Since everybody knows that energy can neither be created nor be destroyed, but it can only be channelized to create a harmonious balance within a space. And it is strongly connected to one’s health, wealth, intellect etc, and this is what Vastu Experts deal with. Consult with the Best Vastu Expert in India to construct a house that promises prosperity all around!! 

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