Which tarot cards offer the best love advice?

Which tarot cards offer the best love advice?

Love is the most unpredictable and sudden moment in our life. We all are aware of love at first sight and sometimes you start liking a person over a period of time by coming in regular contact with hi/her. 

There are several ways by which you may fall for a person but most of the time we remain surrounded by insecurities and uncertainties about the fate of our love relations. 

If you wish to go in-depth of your love relations then take help of a tarot card reader who may successfully reveal the fate of your love life!    

Tarot cards narrating your love story sound sensual, explicit, erotic, or just kind of romantic. But it’s absolutely true that you may take valuable hints about your love life through a tarot reading session. 

There are tarot decks used for taking readings and most tarot decks consist of 22 major arcana cards, which demonstrate milestones in your life. Then there are 56 minor cards, which show your routine activities and changes. 

The tarot experts divide them into four suits and are used to tell fortunes and give significant insight into natives' love lives for ages. Some of these cards may tell that you are already on the right path, while others may suggest need for change in behavior. 

Be whatever, these cards exist to guide you to grow with positivity inside. The ultimate guidance these divine cards give definitely help you find your way to fulfilling love.

Love is the most popular topic while taking tarot reading session. Most of the people resort to tarot cards to calm down their anxiousness regarding love relations. 

Here are the top 8 tarot love cards which if appear during love reading give you the most sought after advise. Some of them may bless you with luck and prosperity in love life while others demand strict steps. 


The Lovers


The Lovers as the name suggest is the most desired card while asking for the fate of love life. It suggests that you are in a wonderful love relation where you both complement each other. 

Your partner will always there for you facing all odds of live together. It demands you to respect your partner even more and mitigate any kind of doubts might be persisting in your mind. The Lovers card is all about decision making regarding your love life. 

You are assured of your partner and rest you have to decide where to go in life. For love reading, The Lovers card motivates you to find extreme joy with your partner by finding greater comfort inside first. 


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The Death card is nothing to fear about. It doesn’t show the ultimate end rather a new beginning. 

Now, this new beginning doesn’t necessarily means breaking the existent one and start finding love elsewhere. But it may suggest reviewing your existent love relation to do required alterations in order to make it blooming like never before. 

The Death card demands complete transformation of your love relation and start it at a fresh note. However, it also suggests that nothing is permanent in life and significant changes are needed to be done every now and then. 

If one door closes, the next one opens. In love readings, many may take it as a breakup. You may certainly have that too but if you try to look at your existent love relation from a different angle even that will survive. 

Choice is yours! Alternatively, this card reminds of continuity of life to see every odd situation as an opportunity to find a better version of you. It inspires to open yourself to find something new and better.


The Tower


The Tower card shows the factor of suddenness in life. It is all about sudden and unexpected changes in life. It shows that whatever you were assured of till date might get shattered in a sudden blow. 

It also indicates a sudden event that may knock you off at your feet and completely change the future opposite to what you expected! In a love reading, the Tower card may indicate misunderstandings, breakups, infidelity, exposure of dark hidden secrets and other unexpected surprises. 

The card suggests something mind boggling is yet to come taking your love life upside down in a sudden gust. It demands you to solidify yourself to meet and clearly analyze what may come your way. 

You may decide to move forward after understanding the real essence of the surprise yet to come. In order to have a secured future one is advised to tear away the unexpected and undesired. 


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Two of Cups


The Two of Cups is a peaceful card that indicates the presence of someone special in your life. It is different matter that you can’t feel the presence of that person. The card demands you to look around and find who is waiting for you. 

It indicates towards a person who may be working with you or share the same thought process. It reflects the existence of an energy reflecting mutual support and understanding. 

The card tends to remind you find that special one quite close to you during the time of taking readings. You can’t see but he/she is there in your life for sure.


Three of Swords


The Three of Swords is not a desired card while curious to know what will happen next in your love life. 

The card holds the indications of sadness and pains. While taking a love reading, this card represents separation, loneliness, delays, rejection, and lack of trust, infidelity, and finally breakup. However, with sword as a symbol it also makes you realize that hardships are where we excel the most. 

While these difficult situations are unfortunately inevitable, we can always learn from them to grow and move stronger in life. Take your next readings, quite possible something better is there in store for you!


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Ten of cups


It is a wonderful card to get while taking your love reading. The card shows all good and desired things in your love life. This shows positivity, gains, fulfillment of desires and intimacy in a relation. 

The card also means that you may take your love relation to the next level by proposing each other. Moreover, there would be no social or family restrictions in tying the knot with each other. You both are meant for each other and should fall for each other forever.   


Five of Cups


The Five of Cups is an undesired card in love reading. The card represents sadness, disappointment, pain, and deceit. It is related to all kind of negativity that may be expected in love relation. 

But at the same time full cups kept ahead the broken ones still show you the hopes if not in current relation. You may mourn something just as a thought and once you have removed that thought out of your mind you are at peace. 

The loss is not real and may be the person didn’t deserve you. Ignore the Cups that are knocked over, and pay attention to the Cups that are still upright, standing full!


Six of Swords


The Six of Swords card asks you to sit back and realize what’s happening around. It wishes you to hold your horses for a while and review the situation with a stable mind. 

If you find yourself suffocating in a relation or have to meet new challenges every day. Then it’s time to react! The card guides to leave behind the challenging situations posing threats to your mental and physical health. 

In love readings, this may indicate an abusive relationship, or one which completely lacks affection and warmth. You are just dragging the relationship under some unavoidable pressure but you need to release this pressure now. 

The relationship has simply fallen flat and is full of confusions and frustrations. There is an absence of comfort and joy which can’t be tolerated prolonged. While you have to undergo the pain of separation, there lies an ocean full of opportunities ahead.

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