Your Previous Relationship May tell What You Are- Different Zodiac Signs Decoded

Your Previous Relationship May tell What You Are- Different Zodiac Signs Decoded

We often misunderstand us for what we are actually not in its true sense! You might think that you are too emotional but at some point in life, you might have discovered that you are a strong person inside with a lot of self belief. When does this actual realization happen? Love Marriage Astrologer suggests that it happens when you are in a relationship and trying all your inner capabilities to maintain balance and harmony in that relation. 

You always look for new generous ways to appreciate the qualities of your partner and also expect the same in return. But not every time things work in a desired manner and the situations make us gain unique knowledge about our behavior and unique character. We tend to act differently from our usual mannerism and end up exploring a complete different side of our personalities. Read to learn what people belonging to different zodiac signs have learnt about their personalities from their last relationships. 


As the most enthusiastic sign of the zodiac, you may be passionate about a relationship but doesn’t have much time to devote in it. You prioritize your work and immediate family before your love relation and prefer catering their needs much before your lover. If things don’t go your way, you are fine remaining single.


As per your Kundli, you value relations more than anything in your life. You have come to know that your expectations in a relation aren’t too much. Your activities are based on maintaining peace and harmony in a relation which are taken for granted by others. When you restrict yourself to certain limitations, people tend to take benefit of your generous heart.


You have realized that most of the time you are uncertain about what you wish to get from a relationship. You are a social person and easily get carried away with the circumstances and your varying moods. You are unsure whether you wish to stick to a relationship forever or want to stay in that relationship temporarily for the sake of fun. That’s why it is mandatory to go for horoscope matching before initiating any serious relationship. 


You are tagged as an emotional and super caring person but now you have realized that you are a risk taker and can go to unexpected levels to take risks for your love life. When you have special feeling for someone, you will outdo your potential to please people you love. You always put them before you in priorities.  


You are a royal personality and often feel happy when alone or doing some charity work. You have always believed that people love you for your generous gestures. That’s true but now while in a relation you have realized that you need to spend more and more time with your beloved or loved ones. You wish to contact and see each other frequently so as to avoid any feeling of distance in your prevalent relation. 


You are seen as a social person but now after a certain relationship you have realized that you love your space and want more of that quite often to stay happy. You hate that feeling of suffocation if forced into something too much. You want some me-time and don’t wish to spend a big chunk of your day’s time together. Your horoscope for marriage demands independence and you wish to maintain that in any relation. 


Often seen as the most attractive and sweet guys, you have realized that you too have aggression hidden somewhere inside. You may seem soft outside but you know that you need to work hard to conquer your anger. You just can’t imagine your partner paying attention or praising someone else in your place. You wish to be the centre of attraction in your partner’s life which is not just fair! You have realized that you need to work harder to control your jealous and insecure behavior in the future.


Ruled by the warrior Mars, Scorpio are seen as leaders and taking actions without giving much thoughts. You have now realized that even you need someone to look upon. You wish your partner to give you suggestions and guidance which is quite opposite to your inherent nature. You no longer wish to be in charge of everything that comes your way. You have realized that taking back seat and waiting for your partner to react is even more fun! 


You are the wisest of all and always believed in it. Now, you have realized that how important is that to stay in a long term commitment. You have changed your mind and now open for varied choices in life. You have learnt that relationships are important and we can’t always force our opinion on others. It is important to value others’ point of view as well. You are now open to meet someone whom you can make a considerable commitment.


You love discipline in life more than anything else but now you have realized that even fun and light moments are mandatory to lead a happy life. You need to work on your interpersonal skills so as to involve with people easily. You have made up your mind to acquire a mature approach by spending some time alone before approaching any new partner. It is a good idea to regain your balance of mind before offering your heart to someone special.  


The most creative yet bizarre folks, you have now realized that how indifferent you are to other person’s choices and preferences. You are one of your kinds and need to find someone who is exactly like you in thinking and activities. You long for someone who shares your, out of the box ideas and hobbies. You will be happy with a person who has the same interests as you and share adventurous moments with you.  


Often seen as the religious and submissive kinds of a person, you have now realized that you just can’t suppress your emotions. You apply a lot of wisdom and intellect in calming your mind but that’s all done! You now wish to be a straightforward individual who don’t mould as per the other person’s needs. You are looking for a mate that could match your power of intellectual thinking and give you the required space.

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